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Bitcoin network?

Bitcoin is the first monetary system to credibly offer perfect information to all economic participants.
Satoshi Nakamoto?


Web applications


XMLsew – Web 2.0 XSD editor

Registration Boardroom


Soft computing



Traveling salesman problem in 3D

 Netlogo UI for solving TSP 3D with parametrization of various optimization algorithms


Traveling salesman problem

 In literature is TSP often used as test problem. ”Salesman” have to visit every “city” from his list. Distances from-to each city are known. Salesman’s goal is to find shortest way and each city has to be visited just once.


Santa Fe’s ant trail problem

 Artiffitial “Ant” should visit “eat” as much points “food” as possible in specific time. Programs of ants are generated by genetic programming.


Constraint processing





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